Programming & Tech.

Programming is a skill not everybody has, and that is completely okay. Luckily for you we have a entire team of programmers and tech geeks who can help your business transform to a digital marketing unicorn!

Penetration Testing

The primary goal of a pen test is to identify weak spots in an organization’s security posture, as well as measure the compliance of its security policy,  and determine whether and how the organization would be subject to security disasters.

Hacker Testing

Social Media tools

Making sense of social media data can be a difficult task. But with our social media tools you can make sense of the web analytics of your social media environment and constantly improve your key metrics.

Software Integration


Customer-Relation-Management software will allow you to add your customers to a database, track communication with them and basic details about them with ease.  We will easily integrate a great CRM personalized to your needs.

Software Integration

Website SEO Management tools

Want your organic traffic to increase and get more sales in fast? We have over 10 years of SEO experience and can get your website SEO-perfect within your budget. Contact our head of technology today to get your business analysed.

Software Integration