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About Ziet International

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

     With over 30 years combined experience, the team at Ziet never stops doing their due diligence and proves to be highly specialized and very personable. With backgrounds ranging from corporate finance, blockchain, and graphic design the story about how Ziet International came to be is quite remarkable.

     Coming out of high school, founder Michael Norris, found himself developing cutting-edge marketing strategies for his own and very first business venture; a startup called “Select Brew”. After great success he decided to take the skills and tools he had obtained to combine two of his greatest passions to start his next great venture. Through his vast network he was able to bring together a highly skilled team to help create a truly unique marketing firm from the ground up.

     Today, Ziet International focuses on servicing enterprises of all industries across the globe and hopes to release its own proprietary software in the near future. Whether you’re ready to catapult your brand to the top or simply need help getting over some speed-bumps the team at Ziet International is entirely devoted to helping your dreams become a reality.


Our Awesome Team

Michael Norris

Michael Norris

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, aspiring financial engineer as well as the Founder & CEO of Ziet International

Jeff Schmelzkopf

Jeff Schmelzkopf

VP of Operations

Blockchain pioneer and innovative expert, skilled strategist with 20 years of digital enterprise experience.


VP Head of PR


VP Head of Marketing

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